REF: A8030R200M

In-Wash® smart toilet with dual outlet 6L

393 x 478 mm
(length, width, height)


Automatic closing

Cleaning function

Control panel: Remote control

Fixing kit: Included

Hot water cleaning

Number of nozzles: 1

Personalised programmes

Removable nozzle

Safety alarm

Seat temperature control

Shape: Round

Water temperature control

Drying function

Automatic opening


Deodorizing function (Plasma Cluster)

Pulsating cleaning

Heatable seat

Self-cleaning nozzle

Water intensity control

Antibacterial material

Anal cleaning

Perineal cleaning

Energy saving mode

SoftClose® system

Deodorizing function

Courtesy light

Air temperature control

Oscillating cleaning

Nozzle position adjustment


Three shapes, multiple combinations, ample possibilities. This vitreous china and furniture collection, with 3 design lines -Round (round), Soft (with soft angles) and Square (square)-, which can be perfectly combined, will bring life to bathroom spaces in any style.