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Our trust-based relationship with the industry professionals (architects, designers, interior designers, developers, contractors, installers...) is one of the values we pride ourselves in. Together we move our business forward, analyzing the users’ needs and offering them new and better solutions. We collaborate with professionals by organizing all kinds of international events and competitions and by developing advanced tools that facilitate their work.

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Check all our Declarations of Performance (DoPs) and our AENOR certifications.

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Find all spare parts available for your Roca products in our latest Spare Parts Catalogue 2023.

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ROCA가 주최하는 국제 디자인 대회

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Roca가 15개국 이상에서 주최하는 국제 디자인 대회. 참가자들은 단 하루 동안 욕실과 관련된 독창적인 솔루션과 혁신적인 아이디어를 선보입니다.


jumpthegap®은 2030 의제에 포함된 문제를 해결하기 위해 창의적이고 혁신적이며 급진적인 욕실 솔루션을 제시하기 위해 학생과 전문가가 창의성을 가지고 참여합니다.