Design process

We design from Barcelona, with and from the Mediterranean character that defines us. The most important thing we have come to understand is that we’re never alone. Good work requires listening and collaboration, attention to detail, and impeccable knowledge of materials. This way, our unique vision is transmitted into existence with creativity and quality that stands out.

The Roca Design Center team, based in Barcelona, develops and manages all processes in-house. Still, we value cross-disciplinary collaboration with external designers from different disciplines such as architecture, fashion and other strands of design. Therefore, exchange is actively cultivated throughout our brand culture, following holistic values that concretely manifest in our products.

It’s our collaborative approach that allows us to enter into a creative symbiosis with experienced designers such as Noa Design Studio and Benedito Design, giving shape to a collection characterized by innovation and beauty.

That’s Ona. What drove our design process for this specific collection was the mission to combine new technologies such as Fineceramic® or Stonex® and make them accessible to various spheres of private and public life. Ona proves that functionality is not a contradiction to high-quality design and answers to modern requirements of bathroom planning that stands the test of time.


"Ona Collection proves that high functionality is not a contradiction to high-quality design, following a philosophy of simplicity without neglecting details that matter."

Bertrand Illert, Noa Design


“The forms of memory, the reinterpretation of a classic based on essential criteria to achieve the elegance of a timeless archetype. The joint work of the designers with the Roca team in the development of the project has resulted in a proposal of harmonious proportions and optimized performance.”

Gae y Ramon Benedito, Benedito Design