REF: A804032003

X-series Advance elongated with side panel

446 x 105 mm
(length, width, height)


Cleaning function

Control panel: Remote control

Fixing kit: Included

Hot water cleaning

Number of nozzles: 1

Removable nozzle

Removable seat and cover

Seat temperature control

Deodorizing function (Plasma Cluster)

Heatable seat

Self-cleaning nozzle

Water temperature control

Water intensity control

Antibacterial material

Drying function

Anal cleaning

Perineal cleaning

SoftClose® system

Deodorizing function

Courtesy light

Nozzle position adjustment


The most practical solution for private hygiene, combining toilet and bidet into one single product with many added functions. A new generation of advanced solutions where technology is serving the most demanding requirements.